Google Turned Me into a Spoiled Puppy Today

A little while ago I kind of entered a competition on a Facebook friend’s blog which asked entrants to share their stories about how Google has made their lives a little easier. Of course, Google is something I use daily for a plethora of reasons, but I decided to share how Google is kind of the reason that I am managing to get to travel a little more these days. You see, without Google, would I ever have discovered awesome sites like or ended up getting in touch with people like Aftab from Glimpses of India or learned about all sorts of flight apps and cheap airlines that make travel possible?

For my efforts Google sent me this beautiful huge box filled with all sorts of fun tech-savvy treats – including a Sony Xperia Aqua Dual phone! I’m completely blown away. And so excited to start playing around with the camera on it. Daft I suppose, but these days I’m having way more fun with phone cameras than I ever have with my Nikon. Granted my camera still has its place, but it weirdly pleases me to no end that so many beautiful images can be created with just a smartphone and a couple of photo apps.

Have a happy Monday, friends out there! I hope today includes at least three small sparks of happiness for you. And if the happiness doesn’t find you, I hope you are proactive enough to go and find it yourself!

Where do all the spoons go?

20150511_180458I have come to the realisation that we have only three teaspoons in our house. This is not long after buying new teaspoons because of the dwindling stock. Is this a thing? Like the thing where socks go missing because some sort of magical force is trying to free all the house elves? Or like where your underwear goes missing because you have dodgy neighbours? Because unless I have the old “it happens to everyone” explanation, then I really just can’t come to terms with this spoon thing. It’s weird. I cannot for the life of me imagine a scenario in which it makes sense for spoons to keep getting lost. Of course, I do have three children, so that usually explains everything. But seriously: where the hell did all the spoons go?!