Everyday Should Be My Birthday

imageI’m about to dive into a pile of books right now. You see, I have this habit of buying pretty much any book I spot that has a circus/carnival theme to it. I LOVE carnival stories. So much so that I’m finally ready to work on one of my own. But, until I do, these are my inspiration. Well, some of my inspiration at least. I’m almost positive that I must have more than this. This pile looks so small, doesn’t it? I’ll have to fix that….

But really I should do this every day. Instead of wishing I could do it every day. Hmmm. But the problem with reading is that you know if you get “too” stuck in a book it’s difficult to come out and do all the things that demand doing. Like husband (giggle) and laundry and dishes and….wait…why am I arguing that I should be doing dishes rather than reading again?

Oh yes. Societal pressure. And the ever so slight chance that my mother-in-law might visit without calling first.

—>*insert laughing winking face here*<—-

Have a great weekend, fellow readers and internet dwellers. I hope it is dotted with many of the things that make your heart smile. Like wine. And cake. And books. And ALICE!!