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I know it’s probably not best to diagnose yourself. We’re always telling each other not to do such things. Don’t Google your symptoms you’ll only conclude you’re dying… Or something like that. And the labels for mental health? Well those can be a bad plan too. I worry sometimes. Like what if I call myself depressed and then I use it as an excuse to eat ice cream all day? Funny how even when you know that’s not happening you still think of it as a possibility for yourself.

For me, learning about what might be happening to me – whether it be physically or mentally – is a way for me to cope. Understanding why is a big thing for me. Use logic. Put the puzzle pieces together. Have you been watching The Good Doctor? Well you know how he thinks about what could be the problem and then illustrations show you what’s in his head? It’s kind of like that. Except I don’t have Savant Syndrome. Which I’m a little bummed about if I’m honest.

Here are some of the things I used to “fix” myself:

*I think a special note should be made here that the reason I now have all of these things going into me is a credit to my husband. I fail at routine. Continuity. Time management. But every morning he puts these supplements by my bedside so that I don’t forget to take them. I would forget without him. I would be stuck in my hole without him.*


While asking myself questions like why does everything give me a fright these days I discovered that this heightened version of Anxiety might very well have something to do with low magnesium levels. So one of the first things I did in my quest for better health (besides cry to my mom) was get myself a good magnesium supplement. I didn’t really expect it to do anything but I must admit it was the right thing. The high anxiety started to calm,quite possibly within a few days, and while I cannot say that it is 100% back to (my) normal, it is assuredly less unbearable than it was before.

B Vitamins

The next thing I tried was a HUGE dose of B vitamins for a week (Berocca has like a boost-y thing) and then I added to that Cell Activator (a Herbalife product which is high in B Vits that also helps you absorb nutrition properly) and another B Vit supplement that I got from Clicks (but eventually eliminated after a month because it was overkill). I didn’t think this was going to help either. I’ve had B Vit injections before and they did nothing. My energy is a consistent problem that I have struggled with for years. My energy has definitely improved now though and not a damn am I giving up my Cell Activator because I am convinced that it is this product that is doing the job.


I did a small dose of probiotics as well because a lot of the reading I did while searching for answers made a link between gut health and mental health. So, let’s fix the gut. I also used amasi with this in mind (more on that in another post) because I didn’t think I could manage/afford kefir.

Rescue Drops/Rhodiola

My mom bought me rescue drops and I had rhodiola drops at home. Rhodiola is supposed to help with cortisol somehow but I have no idea if it actually works or not. At my worst these didn’t seem to help much other than make me feel I was “doing something”. You never know if you are calming down because you were going to calm down anyway or because you’ve done something. With these you’re supposed to just use a few drops but I admit I was maybe taking way too much at a time. It kind of ended up feeling like drinking alcohol.

Tang Kuei 

My mom has been supplying me with this stuff for years and even though I sort of intended to take it every day I kind of mostly only took it when I couldn’t sleep. Ideally you’re supposed to take it at night. But I’m a mess during the day so I’ve been taking it in the morning and in the evening. It’s kind to your muscles. It has chamomile in it. It helps. I don’t know why.

Omega Oils

Brain is misbehaving. Feed it oil.


Because low iron and low blood pressure = feeling like you’re not inside your own body.


The combination of these things did seem to work quite quickly after months of my physical and mental health deteriorating to the lowest point. As I have said, I was quite surprised that these things helped as much as they did, and I had honestly only tried them because in the event of ending up in a doctors office I wanted to be able to say “these are the solutions that I have tried so far”. I am perhaps a fan of the process of elimination.

Of course, these things alone were not enough…

2 thoughts on “Searching For Solutions

  1. Thank you for this informative post. I have never heard of Tang Kuei but will definitely try that too.

    Like you I’m kind of bummed that I don’t have Savant syndrome but I so make my health (mental and physical) a point and process of elimination.

    1. Tang Kuei is definitely one of my favourite products. It’s also kind of gentle on the muscles and since muscle cramps and aches have been a huge problem I’m sure that this has played a role in relaxing those as well. It’s also a Herbalife product and folks love to joke that it’s for PMS but I don’t know, I kind of just like it for chilling.

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