A weird update on my health…

This is another short post but something health related happened last night which I personally found to be quite profound. You may find it a little strange, I suppose. I don’t know. I got quite excited about it though.

Around this time last year was pretty much when my health was at its worst. And at the time a friend gave me tickets to another friend’s charity function. I’ll be honest: I did NOT want to go. But I did. With two other friends, and my unfortunate husband who I think might have been one of only two men there.

Anyway. At this function I nearly lost my mind because it was an introvert’s nightmare, and I was experiencing some serious sensitivity issues with pretty much all of my senses, so that made it about a thousand times worse that it normally would have been. I laughed my way through it (quite literally – there was a section on laughter therapy – it was the least funny thing I have ever experienced) and then I took a week to recover from it afterwards.

At that event though, we were given a goodie bag that contained a huge jar of a very rich body lotion. It was a really good lotion. One that was worth quite a bit more than I usually spend on lotion from Clicks. And guys, the smell of that lotion literally offended me. It made me so angry. And I knew it was irrational to feel angry about a lotion, but oh my gosh that stuff just pissed me off so much. Now, understand that even regularly I have a very keen sense of smell and taste, but during that time all of my senses felt like they were in overdrive. Bright light was too much. Too much sound would make me cry. Even being touched was too much at one point. Luckily I have very understanding family members! Anyway, the point it that I couldn’t stand the smell of the scary body lotion that came from the scary event. I couldn’t even bare the smell of it on my husband. It had a very particular smell. A rich smell, perhaps. I can’t explain it. But that smell. It made me angry. And quite frantic if I’m to be honest.

But this was like R400’s worth of lotion. You don’t throw that away because you’re a bit nuts…

Well, last night I got out of the shower and because of who I am as a person I couldn’t immediately find the body lotions that I’ve been using for the last while. So I picked up the terrifying event lotion. And you know what? It doesn’t actually smell bad at all. I remember exactly what it smelled like at the time and it actually doesn’t smell like that at all now. I used it all over and it didn’t bother me at all.

It’s just weird. I know that the sensitivity I was experiencing back then has calmed a LOT in the last 6 to 8 months, but even now I find it fascinating how different this particular experience is compared to how it was back then. And all because of a mineral imbalance.

Gosh… I started by saying this was a short post…

Sorry about that.

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