Anne Tyler – A Firm Favourite

I’ve mentioned that the goals for this year are going to be quiet ones, but something I’ve been thinking a lot about is what reading I’ll be doing this year. Every year I have the mad goal of reading 100 books and I never ever make it. This year it’s 50. I’m hoping that’s not too ambitious. It might be…

Anyway, I was thinking that I really should go back to my favourites a bit this year. I keep making the mistake of grabbing at what others are reading to keep myself more informed on the contemporary/popular stuff and it’s not really my style to do so.

This month I’m visiting with Anne Tyler. She’s been my book friend for almost 20 years now. I’ve got 17 of her books and there are quite a few I haven’t read yet.

Something I have realised about Anne Tyler is that SO MANY of her characters are Atypical. And of course, since discovering that I am Atypical myself, it seems mad that it took me so long to notice. As a younger reader and a writer, Anne Tyler, Nick Hornby, and John Irving introduced me to the most delicious characters and were collectively responsible for my obsession with multi-dimensional and interesting protagonists. That love has never left me and now as I grow to know myself better I understand why!

I know you’ll never read this, Anne, but I adore you. Macon Leary was the first character I ever fell (platonically) in love with. And more recently, Kate Battista stole my heart. Your mind babies are amazing! You showed me that we don’t have to create what we see around us but we can create those that consume us from the inside. And because of you I got to notice and find other amazing writers who were also writing about amazing unconventional characters so I got to fall even more in love with reading and become less uptight about writing. How incredibly freeing that is!

And now I get to dive into The Beginner’s Goodbye. I’ll admit I’m afraid. Probably I should find the tissues…

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