Trying Out the 5 Day Breakfast Challenge

I did a 5 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge with my friend Eleanor from JustEllaBella last week. The Lifestyle Wellness Group that my dad falls under as a Herbalifer has been hard at work putting this particular challenge into place for years, constantly tweaking and optimising their formula. The Challenge is a great way of introducing people to what we do without them having to make a big investment (trial only costs R95) before experiencing the benefits. Of course I looked at this system of theirs and was super impressed from a theoretical point of view, but I honestly didn’t think I would ever try it. What for? It’s not like I need a trial, I’ve been on the products for 21 years.

That’s right: I’ve been a Herbailfer for 21 years now. So how, after 21 years, have I only just now stepped up to the challenge?

Well, here’s the thing. I’ve always used Herbalife for what I (and the company!) consider to be the main important reason: nutrition. Because it’s not like I’m the sort to check ingredients on food packaging, or somehow miraculously know what the nutrient content of an apple is. Hell no. I’m very much attached to the idea that I can take comfort in the fact that even if I am a complete nutjob in the kitchen at least I did the right thing by having a shake. And let me tell you: it brings me true comfort every single day when I consider how my kid has a list of about 5 things that he will tolerate eating, but at least he has a shake for breakfast every single day.

Then last week my friend Elle was moaning a bit about her energy and I kind of decided for the both of us (well actually the four of us since we roped our husbands in) that we would try out a Herbalife  Breakfast Challenge together. That might seem silly since I’ve already told you that I managed to fix my breakfast problem, but I knew that the challenge included some other stuff that I hadn’t quite gotten a handle on yet. Like remembering to drink water and making better food choices throughout the day.

So the four of us did the challenge together. And I have to admit that I think we had a lot of fun. You might have spotted some of our silliness under the #fallinlovewithyourbreakfast and the #lifestylewellnesshub tags we were using. It’s funny how a bit of low-key peer pressure can keep you on track – who woulda thunk, right? Well, it kind of does, and if I ever thought peer pressure was an exclusively bad thing before, I’m certainly changing my mind now.

If nothing else I think I learned one very valuable lesson: A healthy life is not about what you are not allowed to put into your body and more about what you are allowed to put into your body. Focusing on getting the right amount of good stuff into your body has you quickly forgetting about the idea that wellness is about deprivation. Of course I’m still the same cupcake scoffing girl I’ve always been, but I’m just trying to work on a better balance between the good things that my body needs, and the more fun things that my soul needs.

That seems sensible, doesn’t it?

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