The Peen Pic That Saved My Life

Dear Mr. Peen

I should be working right now. I have so much to do. But my hyperfocus has kicked in and I know that the only way to side-step it is to let it run its course. I have to power through or it won’t leave me alone.

That is why I am writing to you. Because I have to. My brain will not allow me to progress through the rest of this day without first saying Thank You to you, Mr. Peen Man.

So thank you!

This morning I saved a pic of a bunny on my phone to show my husband. That’s what we do. Save pics of cute animals to show each other. I then went into my WhatsApp to send him the pic but when I opened my photos low and behold: A PEEN!

I don’t usually get drunk and save peens to my phone or anything (not that I could these days even if I wanted to) so obviously the pic had to come from a group or an individual WhatsApp message, right? Time to investigate!  (more…)

The Pokémon Life

Good afternoon all! This is me typing to you from the warmth of my bed because even though I can see that the sun out there is shining, my house has NOT gotten the memo to stop being cold yet. Probably I should go for a walk…

I’ve been wanting to do a little follow-up on the post I shared last week about why we as women (and some men, of course, but seemingly to a quieter degree) find rape jokes to be problematic.

Now I mentioned in my post that I’ve been playing a bit of Pokémon Go lately and that I came across some guys making rape jokes in one of the groups that I had been chatting in. I was very taken aback, of course, but then I did remind myself that sexism within gaming communities is known to be rife. Why should I be so surprised by a cliché that is so obviously a cliché for a reason?  It’s just that… Well… Pokémon (Or Pokey Mans as my mother likes to call them) are these cute little animated creatures, man. Like for reals. It’s so tame. You catch them with little balls and the cute ones make you go aaaahhhhh cute and there’s nothing particularly “bro-ish” about any of it. A PoGo chatroom feels like it should be the last place one would expect to find rape jokes. Right?

Yes. Right… (more…)

Dear Standard Bank: What on Earth?

I reckon it’s probably a bad idea to blog while the rage is a little on the high side, but skipping the emotion-fuelled writing sessions is pretty much why I’ve been quiet around here for the last while. Woosah and all that. At least rage is “safer” than vulnerability.

But today? Today I have some questions….

Please forgive the long story.

Before I went to Turkey in May I attended our EC Bloggers Meetup and was quite stoked to find a Zando voucher inside my goodie bag. This morning I remembered that voucher and decided to have a little look-see to find something to spoil myself with. At some point the husband and I need to cash in a photo session with Kick Push Photography and Marc Hervé so Momma needs a new dress. You know how it goes. I’m vain.


I find myself a rok and some stockings and off I go to purchase said goodies. I put in the CC details, I put in the voucher code. A pop-up asks me for my phone number for the OTP. I put in the OTP. I press enter and yay I have my new dress on the way!

Oh. Wait. Not yay. No. “There was a problem with your purchase.”

Er? Say what now?

I try to order again, but now my voucher is “only one per customer” so I can no longer have my discount. Discount is everything, folks. You know this.

I email Zando because now I don’t know what to do. (all this goes down in about a minute – I want my damn dress)

And then I get this sms….from my bank. (more…)