Don’t take guinea pig advice from Fleabag…

So last Tuesday on Gino’s Spot and yesterday on my blog, I recommended you watch Fleabag. Seriously: Best show.


Being even not the greatest guinea pig owner has had me obsessing about Hilary the guinea pig.

Firstly: the introduction of Hilary is to me one of the most comedy gold moments on television ever. That scene made me laugh so hard. And then I had an intense asthma attack because that’s what happens if I laugh too hard. I re-watched it about seven times before moving on and then I made my sister watch it and died laughing all over again.

Hilary, however, is depressed. And this is the part I want to touch on for a second.

If you’re watching Fleabag and feeling like “oh a guinea pig looks like a wonderful pet” you are correct. They are wonderful pets.

But for the love of god please do NOT only get one. They need a friend! And unless you’re going to keep it in your pocket all day you really can’t get away with being that poor creature’s only friend.

Secondly… That cage in Fleabag is WAY too small. Please don’t think that’s enough for a piggle.

And thirdly… While cucumber now and then is a lovely treat for your piggles, you have to feed it a variety of veg not just cucumber.

That is all.