Starting With the Magical

I spent the 31st and the 1st in a state of indulgent self care. My self care? Pretty much spending as much time as possible curled up on my bed with either a book that I’ve been dying to read or, if I’m really exhausted, a series that I’ve been wanting to watch. I prefer to have book energy, though lately energy has been in short supply. Luckily a bit of rest meant that book energy was plenty!

That’s the nice thing about the holidays though, isn’t it? The permission to crash without the burden of responsibility looming over your head. Of course, when you work for yourself, as I do, the responsibility does tend to remain. But, I tried to take some time and just be over the festive season, and I accomplished that. And I accomplished it in my absolute favourite place: home.

Of course, no vacation is complete without an element of magic to it. Of course, the season is supposed to bring that with it. The magic of Christmas, and all that. Not really my kind of magic, I have to admit, although I will also admit that once the pressure is off and Christmas Eve/Day come around I do manage to kind of feel the magic anyway.

But no. My kind of magic is different. Of course my absolute favourite magic is the magic of new places. That otherworldly feeling you get when you step off of a plane into a foreign space, camera and excitement in hand. That’s the magic that feeds my soul.

It’s also the least attainable…

So this year’s magic of course comes in the form of my most reliable form of magic: a book.

Erin Morgenstern FINALLY published a new book and I used her glorious writing to end off the old year and start off the new. So far I am entranced and floaty about it. I imagined I might barrel through this one but find myself rather taking it in slowly.

Of course, other magics exist too. Good food. Desserts. Cheese.

I’ve been indulging in those too.

I’m not really ready for reality yet…