That Time I Got Married

So yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary. The husband and I are a bit crap about our wedding anniversary though. We actually tend to forget it quite regularly, which we both find amusing rather than deem it evidence of a lack of love. It took us so long to actually get married that we don’t count our wedding day anniversary as much. Instead we are more likely to celebrate our “let’s be exclusive” anniversary. Because the thing is: we’ve been pretty much all in since the beginning.

We did go out and have breakfast yesterday though. There’s a little coffee shop in town called Buttercup and it’s as cute as it sounds. The lady who cooks the food is so adorable. I’m kicking myself for not asking for her name! The point is we made a small effort to celebrate, and it was pleasant.

It’s a cliche to say, but in our years together we have been through quite a lot. Blending two families, for one, is not for the weak. Marrying anyone who went to an all boys boarding school is also not for the weak! (I stand fully by this observation) And being married to a woman who is ill (and is me) is certainly not for the weak either. And yet here we both still are.

Last night we sat in bed watching The Laundromat which is a very serious movie (this after discounting so many other movies for being too serious – oops) and I was crocheting a blanket and Ty was scrolling on his phone and I realised not for the first time that here just quietly sitting with this man is truly my favourite place to be. Sometimes we do it in other places, even other countries, this sitting quietly thing, and it’s exactly the same no matter where we are.

So I think he’s home. Wherever he is, that’s where home is.

Sometimes I look at us and I think yes, this is what marriage is supposed to be. And I’m not sure how we accidentally got it right. I’m just glad we did…

Thank God For My Parents

I am spoilt in the most privileged way that one can be spoilt: I have great parents. I’m sitting here, on this rainy afternoon, wondering what the hell I would do without them. Because I really have no clue. And so in this moment I want to do nothing more than acknowledge my blessings.

There are some big changes happening in the background of our lives at the moment. The last 6 weeks or so have been quite intense emotionally. I am not one who deals with emotions well. Unfortunately my runaway emotions can often lead to a severe breakdown in my health. And then my failing health in turn impacts my emotions even more negatively. It’s an overwhelming circle sometimes, to say the least. And yet they have been here for me in ways that I can never express how much I appreciate.

In the last little while I have made some pretty crazy plans, which I will disclose more officially at a later stage. But the support I have received from these two has been so unwavering. I cannot believe how I can take an idea  to them, go “this might sound a bit mad but…” and then have them back me completely. Thats pretty friggen amazing, actually.

Thank you, parents. Thank you that I am safe with you. Not all children are this lucky. The older I get and the more I interact with the world the more I learn this sad fact. But Noah and I, and the Adams family through us, are so very lucky to have you. Thank you for letting us be a little bit odd and being ok with it. Thank you for making space for us to be unconventional in our dreams. Thank you for always reminding me of the value I bring to the table, especially when I am struggling to remember. Thank you for understanding my need to parent Noah in such a strange way, because strange children sometimes need stranger parents. Thank you for all of it.

I love you more than I can ever express.

Sidenote: I struggled to find pics of my folks for this post so seriously it’s time for another photoshoot!