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After grumpy-posting last week, I’m quite pleased to have another Finding Photographers instalment to present. I’ve been a little slow on my photo project this year, but thankfully the existence of Bernadette Meistre from One Two Tree Photography inspired me to book a family photoshoot as a present for the parentals this year. Even though the husband and I have a ton of professional photographs of the two of us, it’s been a while since we’ve had any family ones done. And by family I mean the whole damn brood! I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to capture our sense of “family”.

Now, we know that I’m “experimenting” with photographers on here a little bit, so I told Bernadette that she would need to tell us what to do. I wanted the Bernadette-stamp to be as authentic as possible. This “rule” of mine tends to be met with a little bit of hesitation on the photographers’ part, I admit. And I get it. When you’re working with “clients” you like to give them what they want. And here I am telling the photographers that what I want is what they want.

What would you like us to wear? Where would you like us to meet? What would you like us to do?!

So much pressure!

But Bernadette is a little bit like a magical unicorn. First she suggested a Maroon & Blue theme and then she did one of the coolest and cleverest things that has ever made me go “oh duh, what an obviously clever trick that I’ve never even remotely thought of”… She sent me a colour swatch that we could use as inspiration for our matchy-matchy photo shoot. I didn’t even have time to stress about “getting it right”. And to be honest, after she sent the cool colour palette thingy I decided  I didn’t even care how the pics turned out because I was too busy being over the moon impressed with being sent such a pretty colour scheme.  I’m kind of excited at the prospect of using such swatches to inspire myself in the future. Maybe that sounds weird…

Ok. So colours down. What next?

The venue. Bernadette suggested The Pearson Conservatory and I was quite happy about that because I thought it might be fun to see how two different photographers approached it so, instead of mentioning that our last photoshoot had also been there, I heartily agreed to the venue.

Of course, Bernadette was just a delight when we got around to it. She is so good at working with large groups (I’ve seen her handle far bigger groups!) and she was kind of friggen awesome with me.

Yes. With me.

How do I put this without sounding too self deprecating? I’m the chubby girl in the family. There’s my sister-in-law who is basically a pole with calves, and there’s my sister who’s got that pale-stringbean-with-tattoos thing going. And then there’s me…*sigh*….

Thankfully Bernadette understood my predicament and took special care to make sure that I didn’t look like someone who accidentally left the front facing camera on their phone. You know what I mean? Of course you do.

So thanks, Bernadette, for looking out for my double chin, and for being so patient with my gigglesome family who can’t take anything seriously, and my awkward self. We had a fabulous time and we are thrilled with the results of our little shoot.


If you’d like to work with Bernadette (and I highly recommend that you do) pop her a message on the One Two Tree Photography Facebook Page or get to know her on Instagram.

PS: Please note that low quality photographs are shared online so that blog pages do not take seven years to load. Obviously the actual photographs are top quality!

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