How does coffee work?

I’m a freeze-dried coffee girl. I’m sure if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably are under the mistaken impression that I am some sort of coffee connoisseur. I assure you I am not. My only coffee snobbery exists in the form of judgement upon those who pronounce espresso with an X. Otherwise I’m just a chick who digs boiling the kettle and indulging in a cup of instant.

I have a bodum. I have a drip filter machine thingy. I even have one of those cute pots where you put the water at the bottom and then it bubbles up into the top. Who even knows what they’re called? And my friend Michele, who is always way too generous with me, even gave a fancy as hell pod machine which makes some seriously good tasting coffee.

But, as Michele knows, I am a freeze-dried girl. So lately Michele (who runs a coffee machine repair business) has been giving me giant 500g bags of freeze dried coffee as well.

And this is where my confusion comes in…

Why is her coffee doing a better job of keeping me awake than other freeze dried coffee? I’ve been using the same two or three brands of coffee for years, always under the impression that coffee no longer “works” on me because it never keeps me awake.

Except that hers does. And I thought it must be in my head but I got my mom and my sister to change their brand to hers and both of them have reported the same thing.


It’s just a different brand, after all. Isn’t it all the same thing?

Anyway, in my quest for better health and energy I will admit that this particular brand of coffee has received a top spot on my must-consume list. And not just because I’m addicted to caffeine!

But really, why is this happening? Send me some knowledge…

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