Kefir Makes You Poop

So I’m at that age where conversations about bowel movements have become a regular occurrence. Yes. I said “regular”….*snort*giggle*fart*oops* (as an aside… taking a selfie to go along with this post was really awkward…. like how even do you make sure you’re not accidentally pulling a poo face to go with your poo post…?)

When your family is in the wellness industry, poop talk is just par for the course really. It’s one of the biggest complaints I have heard in my years of being around people who are looking to learn about Herbalife. I don’t go to the loo enough. Ag shame, then you can’t help but feel sorry for the person because let’s be honest a good poo at the right moment can feel life changing.

Which is why I’m here to tell you that since I’ve started making my morning shakes with kefir…. Well… You can figure out the rest.

The thing is that I’ve been reading about how there is a strong connection between gut health and mental health and that’s made quite a lot of sense to me. Probiotics are part of gut health, so we’ve been cooking them up in the kitchen lately. And by “we” I mean my husband turns milk into kefir milk and I say “thank you” and drink it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that a sip or two of kefir is not going to pull you out of the depressive state that you are/might be struggling with. Healing from that is a long-term goal that will require both mental as well as physical care. It’s not something you just “snap out of” because yay you found yoga or whatever. But I do think that as far as the physical is concerned, these super gross little bacterial polyp thingies are quite useful. If I’m not mistaken these gross squidgy kefir blob things eat all the lactose in the milk too, so I reckon that’s a bonus of note.

As far as I can tell, your usual fibre is great (especially if you’re supplementing – keep that up!) but these probiotic superdemons (that also taste demonic) they go in there and clean out the very blackness that resides within you, man. Like they go in there and dislodge things that have been hanging out inside of you for years.

It’s disturbing.

But helpful.

And now you know.

PS: If you live in PE and you’d like to try out some kefir, my blobbies have multiplied ridiculously and I am willing to share.

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