Learning to Girl

In my new quest to do a better job of looking after both my mental as well as my physical health, I’ve decided to do a little work on my girly side. Yes, I said girly, and yes I am aware that for some obscure reason the word girl has recently become synonymous with disrespect (how?) but I quite like the word girl and haven’t yet figured out how I’m supposed to be offended by it so I’m just going to keep it for now. And yes, I’m still keeping it even though I’m a 30-something year old woman and apparently am no longer allowed to use the word in reference to myself. Seriously: who makes up these rules anyway?

I digress…

I’m not very good at the girly side of life (unless you count my ability to rock a unicorn headband) but since I’m keeping company with a whole ton of Beauty Bloggers these days – and they all seem like super happy people! – I kind of thought to myself why not learn from the pros?  It is highly doubtful that I will ever attempt, nevermind perfect, winged eyeliner or master contouring (or figure out what contouring is) but there are surely some learnable things out there that will fit squarely in my wheelhouse, right? (What is a wheelhouse though?)

And it’s funny, I was kind of thinking about all of this while having a scoff at my chipped blue nailpolish and wondering if I should do something about it, when I got an offer from a company to try their tanning patches. And I couldn’t help but think “hey isn’t that what synchronicity is supposed to be?” because here I am ready to try more girly things and is there even anything girlier than the quest for a tan? (ok probably there is)

So yeah. I might not fix my nails anytime soon but I’m totally going to get a tan.

In the meantime I should shave my legs…

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