Mind My Children’s Manners

I went to a birthday party for twin littlies over the weekend and Noah came with me. Of course, he’s nine so he was a little old to be at a party for one year olds, but he loved it nonetheless. He generally plays well with others, despite his “unsocialised” homeschool upbringing. It wasn’t long before he was entertaining himself and didn’t need me anymore. That’s the nice thing about being a parent to a tween. Is he a tween yet? Almost.

While I sat on a couch and watched him play through the window, a lady with two adorable 7 month old twins congratulated me on Noah’s manners. Now, honestly, I don’t know if I’m responsible for his manners. I like to think so. But sometimes I think he just came out that way and I got super lucky. The compliment came at a really good time though, because I had a distinct lack of manners on my mind. And worrying about the level of manners in my kids was a very current concern. 

We had a situation over the weekend where my eldest had a couple of friends over for a stayawake. This is something they regularly do as scouts where they get together and do LANing (don’t ask me what that means exactly) and then stay up all night playing computer games and eating junk food. When my son asked if he could host the event here (for around 5-6 people) I agreed. I didn’t actually realise it was an all night event at first, and was kind of upset about the fact that I had agreed to something without being given all the facts (my husband’s fault in this case) but once I’d gotten used to the idea I was ok with it. I was uncomfortable, but had resigned myself to the discomfort.

And then the kids arrived.

Guys, I’ve never felt so old in my life. Like for real I’m at the point of using phrases like in my day… As in in my day the boys who I invited to my house would never act like that! 

So these kids arrive right, and I go in there and say hello. A barely audible hello gets grunted back at me, and they carry on fiddling with their computers.

Uhm. Ok then. I guess I’ll just leave without ever learning any of your names then. Awkward.

Now they were quite noisy the whole night which I struggled with because I was already very sensitive to the idea that strangers were in my home and that I was forcing myself to be ok with it. If they had at least stood up, greeted me, shaken my hand, and introduced themselves it would have helped a LOT. But I wasn’t exactly going to go in there and embarrass my son by yelling at them for being rude.

In the morning I had to go to Body20 for an appointment (as an aside I MUST tell you about Body20 soon!) and so I “tried again”. I went into the lounge (thinking the boys would be gone by the time I got back) and said “goodbye noisy boys I have to go to an appointment”. Thomas immediately and humbly says “yeah I’m so sorry we were noisy”.

The other boys?


Not even a goodbye. Let alone a “thank you for having us”.

Guys: Is this how kids are? I have so little experience with “other children”. Like if my friends’ kids did this I would comfortably moan at them because no, dude. But I don’t even know these kids’ names nevermind their parents’ names. And I get that maybe “awkward” or “shy” play a role here. Maybe. But is that enough of an excuse?

I can’t in my mind picture my children behaving this way in someone else’s house. They really are great kids and I’m so freaking proud of who they are as human beings that I don’t think I really need to worry about this. And I did speak to them about it and point out that it’s not cool and I think they saw where I was coming from.

But if they ever pull this sort of thing in YOUR house, please tell me so that I can kick their asses. Because for heaven’s sake that was a bit nuts!

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