Must Love Music

Ok don’t laugh at me for being a bit of a ridiculous person, but this month I’m reading books about music because I’ve had to admit to myself that music has turned into one of those lost love sort of things for me. Actually, go ahead and laugh. It’s ridiculous. Thing is, somewhere along the line, this thing I loved completely just became this thing that I’m somewhat sadly indifferent about. So indifferent, in fact, that the only music I ever really listen to is the church band that plays on Sundays.

So I had this daft idea that after reading all about books in January, maybe I should read about music in March (Feb was dedicated to Mary Higgins Clark) because the reading about books thing made me all oh my gosh I really love books-y and I thought maybe that would work for music?

So far, no not really. But I did read two awesome books because of it so far though. And I’m enjoying a third. So there’s that, right?

Do you have any fall back in love with music books on your bookshelves?

2 thoughts on “Must Love Music

  1. I read The Lost Book of the Grail by Charlie Lovett and suddenly I had this overwhelming urge to listen to choir music. I have Spotify so I started looking for search terms like “high Anglican” and ” magnificat” but of course I was just ignorant because there is loads of the most gorgeous, glorious choir and church music available.

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