My Husband is Trying to Kill Me

Ok not really, of course. But he might be trying to chip away at my sanity, a little. Or a lot. Is this what normal husbands do?

I’m sitting here dreading the consumption of my next shake. As you may know I have taken to using meal replacements as a way to ensure that I actually eat during the day, because my habit of skipping both breakfast and lunch for a very long period of time has sent me to health jail. Ok maybe not health jail…. What would health jail even be? 

My health is crap. That’s the point.

Now for the longest time I’ve kept my shakes on the bland side. Because (as I mentioned before) for a while my senses were kind of on overdrive and it was just best to keep things simple to avoid gagging.

But, my husband is a lover of all things experimental, and experimenting with shakes is his favourite thing. Ai yai yai, guys. I can’t complain because honestly if he wasn’t making them for me I would probably never get around to making them for myself.

But this morning…. Strong af kefir (sometimes it turns out more pungent than usual) plus spinach, plus a frozen lemon (no longer frozen because I only had the shake an hour after it was made, so it wasn’t icy so much as lemon peely) and whatever liquid he put in there. Soy milk perhaps. No wait… the kefir was the liquid. I’m losing my mind. You see? It’s bad…

I’m turning green just thinking about it.

But even though it was the worst thing I’ve ever consumed I couldn’t not drink it because I’m WAY too stingy to waste shake. So I drank it.

And now I have to have my lunch one. And I wanna cry a little.

He says this one at least doesn’t have a lemon in it.

But gosh.

I’m still scared.

Wish me luck….?

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