Choosing NaNo Over Novemberitis

So every year I have this huge issue with Novemberitis which I’ve mentioned at some point somewhere but since I haven’t actually properly set up this particular blog yet I actually don’t even know if it exists as a published post anymore….

My God I digressed in the very first sentence. Ok then….

I decided this year that instead of being crippled by Novemberitis (guys, it’s so real….) I’m going to throw myself into NaNoWriMo like a fiend. Of course I haven’t actually started yet. Instead of waking up early I woke up late and now it’s almost 10am but you know most writers aren’t even awake by now (lies) so it’s all good, right?

The thing is, this particular load of nonsense doesn’t actually count towards my wordcount so perhaps I should mosey away from here and just move on over there, right?

I’ve only ever completed NaNo once. And honestly that manuscript is the biggest mess that could exist. I wrote it all out of order and of course by now I’ve actually forgotten the order so…. fek…

This year I’m actually doing a sequel, which is something I kind of thought I’d never do because with the exception of Harry Potter (and weirdly, Karin Slaughter’s books) I’ve never been a massive fan of books that are part of a series. I need closure. When people keep writing more books to go with the other books I just get all floopy like why are you doing this to me. Do you understand how much Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them anxiety I have? No, you don’t. Although come to think of it…it’s nice anxiety… You guys when in the hell is the next movie even coming out because I can’t!

I may have digressed again…

Oh yes. I’m doing NaNo this year. I am Queen_Nayes on the forums because I didn’t realise that I could name myself without using underscores. I’d link you to my profile but honestly I can’t even find it. After many years of failing NaNo I still think my biggest failure is my inability to figure out how the hell the site even works.

You are welcome to drop your NaNo IDs in the comments if you’d like me to follow you though!

Good luck, writers and um…. Yup that’s it.



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