There Are No Peaceful Protests

We have this special thing in South Africa where protests are most often carried out by people singing and dancing in the streets. It is beautiful. And it is something my disconnected white self has stood in awe of ever since I was a little girl. Still to this day every time I witness it I get this warm feeling of upliftment in my stomach. How do they do that? The question rolls over and over in my mind. Sometimes I even wonder about it out of the blue.

It’s always the same: Someone will take the lead, and a mass of voices will answer. It is exquisite poetry.

I have seen other forms of protest from other countries. Though honestly I imagine the pictures I have in my head may very well be a combination of actual news footage and fiction.

There are ideas I love though.

Those protests where people are silent with taped mouths. Somehow this speaks volumes.

Or when folks stand still with candles. More volumes.

Or when they kneel during the national anthem at a sporting event.


Or so we call it. (more…)

The Righteous Gemstones and a Question About Mega Churches

I told you I like to do this thing where I watch random stuff that I’ve never heard of, right? So on Friday afternoon I was scrolling through Showmax and I came across The Righteous Gemstones.

Dude? What the what?!

This is the most bizarre hilarious af thing I have ever watched! I freaking loved it!

I should admit that I’m not entirely sure it isn’t blasphemous, but if it is, it’s in a punching up kind of way so I think that’s fine  so I’m just going to go ahead and keep laughing my head off. I’m a huge (ok average) fan of Adam Devine too so that was another bonus. He’s just nunu adorable, right?

Basically, the Gemstones are a mega church family, and the series follows their church building and personal lives and holy Lord it is hilarious and terrible and just everything you want out of wtf viewing. They swear like crazy which just makes it even funnier for me for some reason.

It did make me wonder one thing though, something I’ve never really thought about until now….

What is the point of a Mega Church? (more…)

Miracle Workers

So yesterday Miracle Workers landed on Showmax and as soon as my husband clocked off work I dragged him to come and watch because excuse me when Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi do something together you drop everything and run.

Guys: Go and watch this show!

It’s not hilarious exactly. It’s funny, yes. Very funny. But it’s also just such a great story in how it was written and it works out kind of silly feel-good which I love. The imagination that went into creating this “heaven” is so fun and the bizarre version of God and where He came from is cute as hell and I just loved the whole thing.

I should warn you, if you’re not inclined to have a sense of humour about religious stuff then you might want to rather give this one a skip. God is portrayed as a bit of an idiot, although it’s in a given-up-on-humanity kind of way so maybe that’s less blasphemous than it seems. He’s feeling a bit meh about humans so he’s taken up weird-ish hobbies.

Kind of like us in lockdown… (more…)

Don’t take guinea pig advice from Fleabag…

So last Tuesday on Gino’s Spot and yesterday on my blog, I recommended you watch Fleabag. Seriously: Best show.


Being even not the greatest guinea pig owner has had me obsessing about Hilary the guinea pig.

Firstly: the introduction of Hilary is to me one of the most comedy gold moments on television ever. That scene made me laugh so hard. And then I had an intense asthma attack because that’s what happens if I laugh too hard. I re-watched it about seven times before moving on and then I made my sister watch it and died laughing all over again.

Hilary, however, is depressed. And this is the part I want to touch on for a second.

If you’re watching Fleabag and feeling like “oh a guinea pig looks like a wonderful pet” you are correct. They are wonderful pets.

But for the love of god please do NOT only get one. They need a friend! And unless you’re going to keep it in your pocket all day you really can’t get away with being that poor creature’s only friend.

Secondly… That cage in Fleabag is WAY too small. Please don’t think that’s enough for a piggle.

And thirdly… While cucumber now and then is a lovely treat for your piggles, you have to feed it a variety of veg not just cucumber.

That is all.


The Wonders of Phoebe Waller Bridge

I seem to have accidentally fallen in love with a celebrity again. I should stop doing that. Or at least check with a therapist to see if it’s ok. Then again… Surely everyone who knows Phoebe Waller-Bridge is at least a little bit in love with her? No? I asked my husband if we could invite her to be our wife and he said yes, so…

Why do I talk such nonsense?

Phoebe is amazing. That’s probably enough information.

Something I love to do is just find random TV shows that I’ve never heard of and give them a try. This seldom works out, but sometimes it leads to pure love. Like with Phoebe. I found Fleabag last year and fell in love. That lead to Crashing and added to that love.

These two shows were created, written, and performed by Ms. Waller-Bridge. This goddess is 3 years my junior! Her accomplishments blow my mind she is everything! She is so beautiful. She has this incredible speaking voice that I could just listen to forever. She is funny and poignant and tragic and exquisite. But aside from that, her creations, these two shows specifically, feel like soul-creations. Is that ridiculous?

She somehow flawlessly expresses and brings to life that sort of humour that grows from tragedy and does it in a way that breaks and heals your heart at the same time.

I am in absolute awe of this talent.

Do yourself a favour and watch Fleabag on Amazon Prime, and Crashing on Netflix. If your sense of humour is anything like mine you won’t be sorry.

The Peen Pic That Saved My Life

Dear Mr. Peen

I should be working right now. I have so much to do. But my hyperfocus has kicked in and I know that the only way to side-step it is to let it run its course. I have to power through or it won’t leave me alone.

That is why I am writing to you. Because I have to. My brain will not allow me to progress through the rest of this day without first saying Thank You to you, Mr. Peen Man.

So thank you!

This morning I saved a pic of a bunny on my phone to show my husband. That’s what we do. Save pics of cute animals to show each other. I then went into my WhatsApp to send him the pic but when I opened my photos low and behold: A PEEN!

I don’t usually get drunk and save peens to my phone or anything (not that I could these days even if I wanted to) so obviously the pic had to come from a group or an individual WhatsApp message, right? Time to investigate!  (more…)

What if I’m wrong about the label though?

In the autistic community we believe in self-diagnosis. It’s a strange one, yes. And yes, I can feel you clutching your pearls about it. Please relax. Everything will be just fine!

Late diagnosis of autism in adults is complicated. Typically when it comes to females it is even more complicated. Currently very few psychologists are equipped to help so your options are pretty much figure it out for yourself or spend all of your money shopping for the right doctor.

The last time I checked the stats, 1 in 60 Americans was considered to be autistic. That’s a pretty high number, right? The thing is, though: Only 1 in 4 of those 1 in 60 is female. But we now know that autism is not an almost-exclusively male neurotype and that it affects males and females equally. Which means that the stats should rather be considered to be 1 in 40.

That’s a lot of folks flying under the radar. Most likely if your atipicalities are not externally obvious enough you’re going to spend a lot of time secretly asking yourself wtf is wrong with me while being oblivious to the fact that there’s a square hole for you to go and fit into over there. Please stop trying to squash yourself into this completely wrong place!  (more…)

Yes, the label matters!

Ever since I wrote my post on discovering my atypical nature I’ve been wondering how best to broach the follow up. I still don’t know what the answer is. Sometimes I tell myself oh just shush you’re being silly and why do you even have a blog anyway it’s so stupid, and then other times I remember that other people and their blogs basically saved me so actually Nadine just shush and get on with it.

Apparently a presumed commonality among those born of the millennial generation is that we don’t like labels. That sounds sort of “progressive” I suppose. But I find that to be weird as hell. And to be honest I don’t even think it’s particularly true of our generation either. I think we do like labels. And it’s because labels play a giant role in understanding not only ourselves, but each other.

Of course, “label” is a broad term. A negative label doled out by a toxic parental figure, for example, could cause irreversible damage. The labels given to us by our childhood bullies can follow us well into our adulthoods. These are not the labels of which I speak.

The label I’m speaking of today, specifically is this: Autistic. (more…)

I’m forking scared, man…

Can you tell I’ve been binging The Good Place? I have been. My attempts at using shirt, fork, and bench as my new curse words of choice aren’t going quite as well as I’d hoped. But, you know. Habits take a while to cultivate.

Here we are in Level 4 Lockdown and that sense of relief that I keep expecting to come is just nowhere to be found. Forking Scared is a bit of an overstatement, I admit. I’m not too afraid. Like not that kind of afraid that gathers in your bowel like cold lead at least. Just: concerned.

Molteno has had it’s first confirmed corona case. And there are 8 pending cases. I don’t know much of the details. Actually I don’t know any of the details. Apparently there’s been some drama surrounding all of it but that flew under my radar (thankfully) and all I know is that someone is definitely sick.

So yes, I’m forking concerned that I might fall ill. And it sucks.

A lot of us us are going to get ill. It’s an unavoidable inevitability at this point. We can only do our absolute best to keep those numbers as low as possible. But they will grow.

And for that I am afraid.

I am afraid of the impending loss of life. I am afraid of the future that I cannot picture.

I am afraid that the asthma issue I have will cause my death.

The worst part is that it’s not my usual kind of scared. Anxiety has been my constant companion throughout my entire life. I’m quite used to her. I can control her. I can put her in a box over there and say “you’re making me feel like shirt but you’re not true”.

This is true though. And it feels so surreal. Otherworldly. Fantastical.

And yet it is real.

It forking sucks.

The Series That We Love

Last week Gino Fabbri from Centrestage contacted me and asked if I would consider coming on his Facebook Live show, Gino’s Spot, and talk about what to watch on Netflix. I must admit I was quite flattered. This crazy, entertaining, interesting, and somewhat famous person wanted to talk to me? Did everyone else say no? I thought about Yes, Man and decided to say yes.

Anyway, after acknowledging that ok, I might have a bit of a reputation as someone who watches A LOT of television, I found myself wondering why.

The conclusion I reached? I have no idea!

I’ve always been kind of obsessy about it. And probably not in a cool and knowledgeable savant kind of way. Just in a I’m most happy with the television on while I do something arbitrary like doodle or crochet or play sodoku on my phone… 

Cool Chick has never been my forte…

I guess these habits of mine do put me in a position of having a bit of knowledge on the subject. And while it’s a little nervy video chatting while way too many folks watch, I have to admit it’s kind of fun. Sharing thoughts on the stories that keep me company on a daily basis is kind of lovely. In the past these habits of mine have been a little hard for others to understand. My retreat into television has caused more than a few arguments in my past (thankfully none with my husband who is bloody lovely and he respects my crutches even if he doesn’t always understand them).

Of course this opportunity has lead me to think about sharing more television-y things here too. So perhaps I will do that. We could all use a few tips on what to watch at the moment, couldn’t we? Considering how watching television is kind of what we all do now…

Anyway, if you’d like to watch me make a noodle of myself this evening at 6:30pm (GMT+2) then pop on to this event link and say hi. I think I did that right… I’m still getting a handle on this FB Live thing. I kind of skipped all that before now on account of my chronic fear of being videotaped…

Growth, right?