So I’ve been a little quiet lately…

Yes, quiet. I’d say it’s unlike me to be so silent but that might not be strictly true. I have my moments. Since getting back from Thailand in June I suppose I’ve been kind of meditative on the “what next?” question. Before we left I knew that it could very well be that Thailand would have to be our last travel indulgence for a while. This part I do tend to struggle with a lot. Having travel plans actually occupies my mind in this positive way that kind of keeps the other brain worms at arm’s length. This is a good thing for a million reasons. But obviously I can’t always have travel plans to distract myself with. And that’s where I am right now: undistracted and overwhelmed.

I suppose that’s a bit strange. Most people seem to be on a mission to clear their heads, while I prefer that mine be preoccupied with anything I can deem to be harmless. 

Plans are starting to exist though. Our path seems to be taking a turn that I never in a million years expected but am for now content with. Sometimes ideas come out of seemingly nowhere and you can do nothing but nod along and go oh fine yes this is the right thing. Even when you know you technically came up with the plan yourself it still feels like someone else fed it to you.

I seem to be digressing but I suppose in order to do that there would have to be an actual point that I had in the first place.

There is no point to this post really other than to remind myself that I am still here.

Still here contemplating our futures. Still here thinking about the blogging world and the benefits and downfalls of continuing to exist within this space. Still here wondering if finding a new something could possibly prove to be as effective as travel is on my scattered soul.

I’m still here.

Just quietly.

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