Strangely Perfect Timing

Yesterday I mentioned that I had an experience that had me questioning the merits of faith and Godliness after an encounter with a man in the hospital where I was with my friend and her son. Something else happened that day and it took writing down yesterday’s story to kind of question whether they may not be tied together. Probably no, but anyway. Sometimes when you’re a writer you think weird things.

The man that who approached us in the waiting area said these words to us:

“I think God put us in the same place for a reason.”

He seemed to be quite convinced that God wanted him to talk to us. And I thought, that’s a bit of an over-romantic notion, dude. I’m not really of the sort to believe that sort of thing. After all, in the wake of my severed relationship with the The Almighty, I have myself tried to revive my own faith. I even chose to read a book by a Jesus-y woman. A very un-me thing to do, I’ll have you know. And I still go to church. And I still love gospel music. Although I’ve pretty much resigned myself to, you’re broken, chick, just go with it.

But then after our very long day in and out of hospital rooms, when we were finally headed home, we found a kitten. There it was. Tiny as a mite. Down there in the gutter. All alone. Hello kitty, we said. Meow, said kitty. But it couldn’t climb up the walls to get to us so I jumped the fence and went and got him. At first he tried to run away but I think he didn’t have the energy so he just gave in to his capture.

And so he went home with my friend, who seemed quite delighted to have found him. And I just thought, what perfect timing? She needs a little pocket of joy to indulge in (and us finding him was fortuitous for him as well since he was starving and dehydrated). When stuff like that happens I kind of can’t help but think it’s nice to believe in higher powers. Or luck. Or karma.

Because as jaded as I can be sometimes, every now and then I still get a little glimmer of  hey, maybe this was meant to be… 

(now if I could get something like this to work out for me at this point that would be great….why has this week been so insane?)

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