Superwoman Turned Me Into Wonderwoman

As you may have noticed I’ve been on a bit of a mindfulness journey in an attempt to centre myself a little and get myself to a point where I no longer feel like I’m losing my mind or my health. A tall order, perhaps. Of course, as I go through this journey, I do find myself looking at the women around me and asking myself that all important question: How does she do it?

Without a doubt, the woman who inspires this question in me the most is Tersia Muston from Geek World. Never have I seen anyone hustle like this lady does! And boy do I find her inspiring. I’m even coming to the conclusion that she’s pretty much clothed the entire geek population of Port Elizabeth. Because seriously! Just ask a question about where to get some crazy design printed on a T-shirt and there’s Tersia, sticking up her hand to help. All the while running an online shopΒ and frequently manning aΒ  geeky stall at various markets around town and navigating the trials of motherhood. AND she has a photography business as well.

Tersia: for all of this I salute you!

Of course, last weekend I found myself accidentally invited to attend a Superhero Race for St. Francis Hospice. All this was very last minute. I’d kind of known about it for a while, but it was on the 3rd of March which was my anniversary so I’d pretty much written off any thoughts of attending from the get-go. But anniversary celebrations kind of fell by the wayside (to make financial room for crazy to-be-announced 40th birthday celebrations) and so when JustEllaBella said “hey please take my tickets to this charity event I can’t make it” I just accepted.

And then I was likeΒ fok but I have to run!



But then of course I remembered I know Tersia. Do you know this Superwoman sponsored me with a Wonderwoman outfit (which just “just quickly” put together herself) and then threw in some Batman gear for my husband and some Spiderman gear for Noah as well? How did I get this lucky?

And so my awe continues! Because this woman is just so permanently on the ball while I sit here trying to figure out where I lost my ball and if it’s ok to just go out and buy a new one (on credit because I’m broke).

Thank you, Tersia. For being an example of hard work and tenacity. I truly look up to you and your ability to keep on keeping on with a smile on your face and a the genuine offerings of a helping hand.

You’re definitely one of the good ones. Even though you’re a bit mad!

Photo Credit: Tyrone Adams

3 thoughts on “Superwoman Turned Me Into Wonderwoman

  1. LOL! Thank you so much, you must be talking about somebody else, because I am just crazy! I am really humbled that you think of me in that manner. I honestly am just trying to keep everything together πŸ™‚

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