The Best Place

Every time I do a little bit of a chat on Gino’s Spot I think gosh girl, stick to writing and honestly that pretty much sums up my entire life because you know what I get to do when I write? Edit. You know what I don’t get to do when I life? Edit.

So, what I want to do here is elaborate a bit on THE BEST SHOW EVER!

Did you yell-read that? I hope you did because really: It’s my absolute bloody favourite thing ever. Even more favourite than Harry Potter (JK Rowling keeps hurting my feelings, dammit!) and maybe even a teeny tiny bit more favourite than (for shame!) Doctor Who.


Ok maybe not Doctor Who.

Ok maybe yes Doctor Who.

This is a very hard choice! Don’t you hate it when your favourites get dethroned? It’s very unsettling.

(She can totally edit this and yet this is how it’s turning out…? What the fork, man?)

Of course, I am talking about The Good Place. This show, man! It is truly the best thing! Everything about it is just so great. From the storyline to the chemistry between the characters to the settings to the cinematography to the humour to the poignant observations. All of it is so perfect.

Every part of it just fits together so well. The 6 main characters are all so completely different to each other yet so beautifully suited. And the character development is just so heartwarming and sniffleworthy.

Please go watch this show. It will make you happy. It will make you happier than any other show you have ever watched.

It is truly that damn lovely.


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