The Righteous Gemstones and a Question About Mega Churches

I told you I like to do this thing where I watch random stuff that I’ve never heard of, right? So on Friday afternoon I was scrolling through Showmax and I came across The Righteous Gemstones.

Dude? What the what?!

This is the most bizarre hilarious af thing I have ever watched! I freaking loved it!

I should admit that I’m not entirely sure it isn’t blasphemous, but if it is, it’s in a punching up kind of way so I think that’s fine  so I’m just going to go ahead and keep laughing my head off. I’m a huge (ok average) fan of Adam Devine too so that was another bonus. He’s just nunu adorable, right?

Basically, the Gemstones are a mega church family, and the series follows their church building and personal lives and holy Lord it is hilarious and terrible and just everything you want out of wtf viewing. They swear like crazy which just makes it even funnier for me for some reason.

It did make me wonder one thing though, something I’ve never really thought about until now….

What is the point of a Mega Church?

Because, even though I sometimes seriously falter when it comes to faith, I have always understood the value of church. Or at least the ideal value of church. Because ideally church is a safe space where you find your family outside of your family. It’s a community. It’s pretty songs and traditions. It’s something around which to build a life. It’s something to hold onto in times of crisis. It is comfort. Stability. Something to look towards.

And of course I get that it isn’t always these things. Churches are filled with flawed humans and therefore church itself is flawed. But in my head the goodness of what it is meant to be is not flawed. Church based on Christ-like principles is a beautiful ideal. Or at least should be.

But a mega church is weird to me. Because the idea of going to a massive concert-like event once a week for spiritual edification strikes me as unedifying. Don’t get me wrong, as a concert-like event it makes sense to me. I’d happily go to a Hillsong event and enjoy their music and go home. Like I would any other concert. But as a lifestyle? Weekly?! That’s nuts!

Church just strikes me as this place where you know people and have friends and you are taken care of and you take care of others. That is how it works in my life, at least. But that surely cannot exist in this massive space filled with thousands upon thousands of people. You would never bump into the same person twice!

So it’s just weird to me. And now, since watching this show, a little mafia-ish.

That money, man! How real do you reckon that is? Huge rooms filled with people counting it? Yikes! I get that the whole thing is poking fun at this sort of thing, but that sort of feels like it must be kind of real?

Tell me that doesn’t remind you of drug dealers!

Gosh now I’m just giggling again…

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